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AFK at a glance

Introducing Aria Fateh Khavarmianeh

AFK Investment Company has begun its activity about three decades ago. This holding is one of the most successful investment companies in the field of mines, exploration, exploitation of mineral potentials, and establishment of mineral resources factories.

We believe efficient manpower is the most essential element of the holding. Moreover, the composition of board members and managers of this holding have experiences and expertise in the field of mineral activity and investment. Hence increasing knowledge and applying it, will guarantee the achievement of principal goals in the domestic and international arena.

AFK group companies are market leaders in their respective industry fields that include metal, base metal, stone mining as well as expertise and leadership in construction projects and also IT industry.

In a short span, AFK holding became one of the largest mining constructors in Iran and created the opportunity for the group to expand its activity to other fields as well. Establishment of AFK Company has made it possible to provide strategic planning for investors by focusing on the management of affiliates, also the management and financing of subsidiaries.

Group history

History of the establishment of AFK Group dates back to the time when the focus on investing in metal mines was the latest achievement of the group. Recently, exploration and exploitation of mining zones and the establishment of iron ore processing and smelting factories have made this group one of the main brands in production and export of this product in the country.

This holding has employed proficient and executive staff to improve the academic strength of its subsidiaries, which is successful in the domestic and international arena. Sustainable development of the group will only be achieved through the organization’s ability to train and implement it in the workplace. In our point of view, success is not only in financial matters but also in training manpower and creating an educational environment.

Subsidiary of AFK holding

  • Aria Jonoob Iranian Co

  • Mobin Mining and Road Construction Co
  • Minaye Kavir Hadid Co
  • Kavir Yazd iron ore Co
  • Aria Kansar Samin Co
  • Faraz Zamin Parsiyan Shargh Co
  • Asia Heavy Equipment Co
  • Ara Falat Ariya Co
  • Koohbaba iron ore mine
  • Shayan Marble Co

Investment activities

AFK has largely invested in metal mineral exploration, exploitation, and processing. Through a group of companies involved in the mining field, AFK has over 35 projects. The projects are spread across Iran however mostly concentrated in Kerman, Yazd, Sistan Baloochestan, Khorasan, and Azarbaijan provinces.

Exploratory activities

Our country is among the top ten of mineral resources in the world. Mining development is not only the incentive of growing and improving the country’s economy but also an important factor in job creation. AFK investments based on mining strategies have made exploration a major factor in mining development, with investment in the mining industry over two decades and have noticeable performance in collecting and analytical exploratory information. The exploration of Aria Fateh investment group is based on the needs of the country and industry related to metal resources such as Gold, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Zinc, and Molybdenum.

Extractive activities

The AFK holding has the most efficient heavy mining machinery and private sector construction in the country and has carried out extraction and dam operations in various domestic and foreign mines since 1990. Subsidiaries of this company have managed to accomplish successfully more than 800 million tons of stripping operations in various mines. Now, this group can strip more than 120 million tons annually.

Processing activities

The AFK holding is working to process minerals into high-value products by establishing several comminution factories. The group’s long-term plan is investing in processing and construction of smelting factories.

Business activities

Focusing on the exporting process of various minerals, as well as efforts to expand non-oil exports and foreign exchange issues, have led the AFK holding to take any notice of trading activities. Our efforts to make our country more independent and reinvest in our country has led us to cooperate with the experts in business area in all of the subsidiaries of company.