Aria Jonoob Iranian


Introducing Aria Jonoob Iranian

This company was established in 2006. It has worked to contract large mines in Iran in the field of mineral extraction, stripping, investment in metal mines and damming operations. This company is the largest subdivision of AFK investment Group which has experienced experts, the wide range of iron ore mines, heavy mining and construction machinery and mineral concentrate and comminution factories and in 2011, won the premier explorer of the country award. One of the main plans of this company is creating new knowledge of management systems, developing sustainable manpower and using new technology of machinery and processing factories in an environmentally friendly structure.

The aim of Aria Jonoob Company:

  • Extraction and stripping in the large mine of the country
  • Cooperating with international companies in the implementation of mining projects
  • Forming metal mine identification teams
  • Investing in the exploration of Copper and Iron mines
  • Investing in mineral processing


Aria Jonoob Iranian projects:

  • Aria Jonoob Iranian iron ore mine: is located near Zarand city and 6 kilometers north of Hadid mine. After primary exploration, constructing access routes and coring operation, final studies have been completed and the mine is exploited.
  • Chah Firouzeh Copper mine: is located 35 kilometers northwest of Shahr-e Babak in Kerman province. The preliminary geochemical explorations started in 2005. Aria Jonoob Iranian Co. was granted the right to develop the mine.
  • MehdiAbad Lead and Zinc mine: Aria Jonoob Iranian is one of the main members of a consortium of this mine. The most important goal of this consortium is preparation, stripping and extraction operations, investing to produce 800 thousand tons of Zinc concentrate, 80 thousand tons of Lead concentrate and construction of processing factories in the MehdiAbad Lead and Zinc mine by one and a half-billion dollars.
  • Chehel koure Copper mine

The company achievement is the following title in the following year:

  • premier explorer of country award in 2011
  • gaining the title of the premier company in the mining and investing sustainable development conference in 2012
  • the title of the best company in the first resistance economics congress