Aria Kansar Samin









Introducing Aria Kansar Samin


This company was established to invest in mineral resources as well as making job opportunities in 2011. It has improved its activity quickly by doing various mining and industrial projects. This company has been successful with the use of experienced manpower and technological researches in the exploration of Molybdenum resources in East Azarbaijan. This company now is active in supplementary, technical-economical, and exploiting studies about Molybdenum mine.

Activities of Aria Kansar Samin

  • Geophysical exploration by IP and RS method
  • Primary and semi-detailed geochemical exploration
  • Preparation of geological and alteration maps of Siyah Kamar at the scale of 1/1000
  • Assessment of storage and classification of Siyah Kamar deposits
  • Feasibility study of the project for the construction of Molybdenum factory
  • studying on the processing of Molybdenum ore by flotation method