Asia Heavy Equipment


Introducing Asia Heavy Equipment

This company was established in 2005. It has abundant experiences in the field of importing different parts of engine and motors of Caterpillar, Komatsu, and GM engines have always been serving effectively. Asia Heavy Equipment received the ISO 9001 quality of management and also ISO 10002 management of the relationship with customer certificate.

This company has become one of the major importers of mining and road machinery parts during its activity and has been supplying the major parts of the is the main importer of the products of Berco, which is an Italian company that its products have the best quality and price all around the world. Berco is one of the leading manufacturers of components such as chains, rolls, spark plugs, front wheels and all parts of bulldozers and other machinery and has a good association with Heavy Equipment Company. Moreover, Asia Heavy Equipment Company has signed an agreement to cooperate with Arman bulldozer pair shop (the oldest bulldozer repairer in Iran) in April 2011 in order to improve the quality of services for contractors’ and customers’ needs.

Asia Heavy Equipment not only sells its products in Tehran and other cities but also has extensive cooperation with numerous mining companies through Iran. Since the company was established, it collaborates with Berco factories and their cooperation has been growing day by day.